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Åkesson Vin is a producer and importer of wine.

The company has strong roots with its founding family Åkesson in Österlen in South-East Skåne where the family has lived and worked for many generations.
Our business idea is to produce and trade grape based wines and beverages. Among the wines are both traditional and modern products all developed with the aim of having a broad public appeal while simultaneously surpassing the consumers’ expectations. The wines are imported in their finished package or in bulk to be filled at a facility in Sweden. Many of our imported products are sold with Åkesson Vin’s own brand but we also import and distribute wines with the producers own brand. We strive for long term collaborations and personal relations with our foreign colleagues.

We accept the UN declaration on Human rights, Global Compact, as well as OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies and we strive to live by these goals and to implement them fully in our daily work. Read more about Code of Conduct.

Åkesson Vin – a business unit within Kiviks Musteri AB

In the south-east of Sweden in the area known as Österlen lies the town Kivik and it is here that you find Kiviks Musteri. It was here that the apple trees were planted for the first commercial apple orchard in Sweden that is now the foundation to the family company Kiviks Musteri. The year was 1888. Kiviks Musteri is today part of Kivik holding that is run by the fourth generation, Kristina Levinsson and Bengt Åkesson. Read more about Kiviks Musteri.

The Swedish market

Sweden has now a population of over 10 million (2017) with a small but steady annual increase. In this market there are over 800 importers for alcoholic beverages. Many are small one-man companies and others are large international corporations. For a wine to reach the Swedish consumer it must be sold on Systembolaget’s shelves, as they have the retail monopoly for all alcoholic beverages over 3,5% vol. alc. It is here that we put all our focus.

Systembolaget "The Monopoly"

Systembolaget’s mission is stated by the Swedish parliament and today it is to sell alcohol with great care taken for the health of the general Swedish public. Systembolaget is also working towards a more environmentally sustainable development, wants to increase the share of ecologically certified products, gives support to alcohol related research, and collaborates with local municipalities to decrease the illegal trade in alcoholic beverages. Today (2017) there are 450 Systembolaget stores spread across Sweden and they have roughly 5,700 employees. Read more about Systembolaget.

Alcohol sales in Sweden

In 2017 the sales of alcoholic beverages at Systembolaget reached 36,4 billion SEK. Sales of wines accounted for 19,3 billion SEK (Totalling around 200 million litres). Red wine accounts for 52% of the total wine sales in value with 100 million litres; white wines represent 31% with 62 million litres, rosé wine represents 7,5% with 15 million litres; and sparkling wines represent 9% with 17 illion litres.

Time to tender?

Tender samples.
Products are purchased based on sensoric style and quality. Tender sample, launch sample and delivered product to the stores must therefore correspond sensorically. The samples must be mixed and with the same ingredients and proportions as the end product.  Read more about the launch procedure.
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