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Launch procedure for Systembolaget

Tender samples

Products are purchased based on sensoric style and quality. Tender sample, launch sample and delivered product to the stores must therefore correspond sensorically.

Tender samples should (MUST)
Be physically, chemically, and biologically stable.
Be treated in the same way as the finished product. For example, if the final product has to be filtered the tender sample should also be filtered.
Be blended in the same proportions and from the same components/ingredients as the final product.

The quality of the launched product is followed up at 4 different times.

Tender sample
Winning sample is selected in sensoric blind test.
Winning sample for is analysed chemically, where the result is used as a reference at eventual deviations later in the process.
Tender sample is archived.
Extra tender sample - for A-class tenders extra samples must be sent in 4 days after notification of winning the tender. These are stored as extra references. 

Launch sample
Sensoric comparison with the tender sample.
Chemical analysis - securing only that the wine conforms to current labelling regulations.
The packaging is compared with current legislation, rules and specific demands in the tender request.
Launch sample is stored.

Sales start sample
Sample from store is compared sensorically with the tender sample If a discrepancy is detected a sensoric triangle test is conducted. If the deviation is confirmed by the triangle test a comparative quality analysis is conducted.
A new chemical analysis is made to secure that the sales start same corresponds with the tender sample.
The sales start same is archived and used as future reference should new deviations occur.

Follow up control
Both sensoric and chemical analysis after 3 months.
For A-class tenders this analysis is done every 4 weeks until the vintage is changed.
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